A Vietnamese nun lives out her dream to help the destitute in India

Sadhu!  Sadhu!  Sadhu!  ^_^

An amazing Buddhist nun, Venerable Tri Thuan, who left Vietnam for the US in 1971, and in 1985 left the United States and went to France to study Buddhism under her Vietnamese master, the late Most Venerable Thich Huyen VI.

In 1989, under the advice of her late master, headed for India and has been there ever since and made India the base of her humanitarian work.


To Repair or To Get a New One – Of Monitors, Things and Relationships

Yesterday, I went on a mini-quest with my long time friend Yong Hee​ to fix a flickering LCD monitor. 😉


A quick trip to SIM LIM Tower got us the components.

Total component costs: S$6.50 (inclusive of spares)

If we do not repair it, it may just be sent to the dump. This will put an end to all the resources, manpower and energy put in to manufacturing the monitor. By replacing the 6 capacitors, the monitor’s useful lifespan has been extended by say another 2 – 4 years. With the spare caps, we estimate that it will continue to be useful until the CFL die out. ^_^ (y)

To Repair or To Get a New One
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Monkhood Novitiate Programme

Experience a simple monastic life together. Cultivate compassion and wisdom for inner joy and peace.


KMSPKS Monkhood Novitiate Programme 2013
Date: 27 Sep 2013 – 06 Oct 2013
Venue: Sam Poh Wan Futt Chi Temple | Cameron Highlands | Malaysia
Fee: S$480.00 (Fee includes 2-way coach transfer, accommodation, vegetarian meals, transportation and travel insurance)
Registration: Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery | Reception Office
Registration Date: Now till 4 August 2013
Requirements: 16 – 60 years old, male only
Application Form: Novitiate Program PDF
Enquiries: Tel: 6849 5300 | Email: sem@kmspks.org
Remarks: Shortlisted participants are required to attend a preparatory course on 31 August

Can A Gay Person Be Ordained As A Monk/Nun?

Someone emailed me a question:

Hi shifu, can a gay person be ordained as a monk/nun?

I replied:

Thank you for writing.

Heterosexual men and women have to transcend their heterosexual desires if they are going to be ordained. Similarly, gay person can be ordained as a monk/nun, as long as this person can transcend this inclination.

Hope this clarifies.

With metta, ^_^


In which case, can such a person still be considered gay or heterosexual?  Asexual perhaps?

Suki hontu! ^_^

Check Your Motivation

A sharing from a Buddhist on Checking One’s Motivation to become a monk.


“So what makes you want be a monk?” the nun asked me back

I explained to her that my Lama had previously done a divination for me: I was a monk in my previous life

“So I wanna continue the good work that I did in my previous life, and I thought that life as a layman is quite a waste of my past life’s efforts” I explained


Read it here … http://boh-tak-chek.blogspot.com/2010/03/check-your-motivation.html

I Cannot Do It Yet So I Am Not Learning It

Just the other day, I was talking to a Dharma class student  and he was telling me that things are stressful at work.  I mentioned to him about how our last Group Practise* session was on the quality of Patience, the Perfection of Patience or Forebearance, and that he should have attended.  His reply was that he did not attend it precisely because he cannot do it yet**!

I really do not know to laugh or to cry.  Why do people cling onto such an obstinate and obsolete view that you have to be good at something before you attend the Dharma classes or Group Practises.  This is ABSURD!!

This reminds me of the time when an aunty tells me that her son cannot become a monk because he still have defilements.  I’m like … thinking “Duh!  If he is perfectly free from defilements, he wouldn’t need to be a monk, now would he?”

It is an upside down view that people seem to have and does not help anyone here.  We should strive to be more energetic in our learnings and practices!

Take Away Piece

It is precisely because you do not know about something, that you go attend a class to learn it.

It is precisely because you have not mastered it that you go attend a regular Group Practise* in order to master and perfect it.



If someone ask you do something you do not know, that is for you to learn.


If someone ask you to do something you already know, that is for you to practise.


If noone ask you to do anything, and you do it, that is revision.

* Group Practise

Time for some blatant advertisement.  ^_^

Join us at SBF on the first three Wednesdays of every month for a quiet time to do some puja, meditation and listen to the sweet song of the Buddha’s teachings.  Then close the evening with Dharma discussion and merits dedication.  7:30pm ~ 9:00pm.

SBF  – Singapore Buddhist Federation is at 59 Geylang Lorong 24A.