To Repair or To Get a New One – Of Monitors, Things and Relationships

Yesterday, I went on a mini-quest with my long time friend Yong Hee​ to fix a flickering LCD monitor. ;)


A quick trip to SIM LIM Tower got us the components.

Total component costs: S$6.50 (inclusive of spares)

If we do not repair it, it may just be sent to the dump. This will put an end to all the resources, manpower and energy put in to manufacturing the monitor. By replacing the 6 capacitors, the monitor’s useful lifespan has been extended by say another 2 – 4 years. With the spare caps, we estimate that it will continue to be useful until the CFL die out. ^_^ (y)

To Repair or To Get a New One
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Of Rebirth, Karma, and a Cockcroach



A few days ago I saw a post in a facebook group about this article by an ex-catholic-buddhist Paul Williams, who was born a Catholic, converted to Buddhism for 30 years and converted back after 30 years of Buddhist studies, practices and learning in the Tibetan tradition.*

The post drew 100+ comments and quickly went past 200 within a few days.  After reading through some of the comments which escalated to name callings and several links to other articles, including one by Ajahn Sujato, I decided to leave a note.

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Monthly Lunch Gathering@2pm + Weekly Sunday Group Cultivation@2pm


1 Feb 2015: Lunch Gathering @ 12pm + Sunday Group Cultivation @ 2pm

The once-a-month lunch gathering is here again! Join us for a cozy lunch as we tuck into yummy food and share with fellow Dharma brothers and sisters.

What to Bring?

This month onwards, food will be provided and potluck offering is optional.  So go green and just bring your own utensils and cutleries!!

*BONUS* Vege Soup Recipe Below

If you wish, you can also bring some food or items to do offering to the presiding venerable.

Finger Food & Beverages List

1. Packet drinks
2. Bottled drinks
3. Chips, Ole etc
4. Fresh Fruits Platter
5. Choice of Finger Food
– Vege Nuggets, Vege Samosa
6. Choice of Vege Finger Sandwiches
– Vege Ham & Cheese, Vege Tuna Mayo, Tofu Mayo
7. French Fries, Potato Wedges
8. Spring Roll, Crispy Vege Ball,
9. Grilled Sausage with Hotdog Bun
10. Choice of Pizza – Vege anything … wink emoticon

Hot Favourites
1. Fried Bee Hoon
2. Fried Noodles
3. Laksa
4. Olive Fried Rice
5. Desserts

Surprise Items (If you bring it, then it’s not a surprise!)
1. Prata
2. Indian curry
3. Whatever vege stuffs you find in your kitchen!! grin emoticon

And if you cannot find anything, just bring yourself along with utensils and cutlery! wink emoticon

See you on Sunday @ 12pm for the potluck lunch offering! kiki emoticon


If you are up for the challenge, try this recipe I learnt from my monastery in US.

Difficulty Level: 6.5 / 10

Mixed Vege Soup
1. White Radish 白蘿蔔
2. Carrot 紅蘿蔔
3. Potato 馬鈴薯/土豆
4. Tomato 番茄/西紅柿
5. Big Chinese Cabbage 大白菜
6. Special item. Msg me for special item. 特別材料。電郵詢問。 tongue emoticon

1. Cut items 1 – 4 into large chunks.
2. Cut item 5 into bite-size pieces, smaller near the root, larger near the leave.

1. Boil pot of water with item 1, 2, 3.
2. Put half servings of tomato and sections of chinese cabbage nearer to root into pot to boil in step 1.
3. Boil for 30mins, then reduce to 34.5% heat. Just kidding, just lower the heat to medium.
3. Add remainder half of tomato and chinese cabbage.
4. Boil for another 20mins or until everything is nicely cooked.
5. Add salt and pepper for flavour.
5. Add special item.

Enjoy this wonderful home made soup!! kiki emoticon

Who am I – The Buddha’s Teachings on No-Self


There is no independent, permanent, unchanging “I” or “You” or “Ven. Chuan Guan”, but our existence in the various roles that we play.  That exist.

No One Role Defines Us

Given conditions, “you” exist, and as a son or daughter wrt to your parents, as a niece or newphew to your uncle and aunts, as a friend to your peers, as a colleague at work etc. These roles collectively is who you are, yet none of it totally define you.

Sometimes we forget and overemphasis one over the other, or totally neglect this or that role. Other times, we forget to stop playing certain roles even when that role is no longer needed or relevant.  It is almost like the music that continues to play in our mind even when we stop listening to it. We continue to play some roles even when the conditions and situations have changed. Continue reading Who am I – The Buddha’s Teachings on No-Self

Year End Reflections 年末思旅

It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.
Reflect over the year … no matter how great it was, it was possible only through the kind help and support of many others. Be Thankful and Grateful.

No matter how lousy some days were, we survived it. There are many others who did not. Be Strong!

No matter how we are sometimes impatient and lose our temper, we can and should try again … and again. Have more patience and compassion for others, but even more so, have patience and compassion with ourselves!

Join me in changing the world in 2015 … … starting with ourselves!
May all be safe, healthy and peaceful,
may all be guided and protected by the Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha in the new year! 阿彌陀佛!



回憶回憶 。。。



来,与我—起在2015年改變這世界 。。。 。。。从我们自身做起!

(Susanna 譯)

Bite-sized Dharma on the go!