Vote Wisely

Tomorrow, 10 July, is General Election day for Singapore.

For the past 10 days, there’s been numerous speeches made, articles rewritten, comments passed and opinions shared about candidates and parties (not the fun type!).

All these is to culminate in the vote tomorrow. Voting is compulsory, Voting is secret, Voting is sacred.

While tomorrow’s vote will determine the government composition for the next four to five years, everyone of us has a special vote to make as well.

No, not the presidential election. A different vote.

All these votes are for the most part for someone else, and sometimes the person you vote for may not turn out to be the one you think you voted for. There’s another person whom you can and should vote for:


Every night, we get to vote.

Don’t vote for the 
Angry You,
Resentful You,
Jealous You,
Greedy You,
Deluded You,
Unhappy You.

For tomorrow, vote for a 
Kinder You,
Loving You,
Compassionate You,
With more Wisdom,
A Happier You.

And don’t let others vote for you.

Cast the vote yourself.

Vote wisely.


What shall we celebrate?


SG50 is upon us in two days time.  Celebrations abound all over the island.  As we celebrate our nation’s 50 years of modern nationhood, what do we celebrate?  (rightly speaking, Singapore can be traced back to Temasek, which would make Singapore 200+ years old)
For the longest time, we celebrate successful entrepreuners and business man and woman for their business acumen and material success.  We celebrate actors and actresses for their acting, beauty and looks.  We celebrate singers and musicians for their talents and mastery of vocals and instruments.  We celebrate top students for their academic excellence.Don’t get me wrong, not suggesting to undermine people’s success and effort.  But are there other things worth celebrating?  Fortunately, there is.
“Seeing the happiness in the eyes of the Syrian refugee children is just priceless. We started our journey to happiness with making others happy.”
These are such beautiful words that speak of such loveliness in the Turkish couple who decided to get married in a different way.  Makes me feel so inspired!
Let’s celebrate this couple’s wisdom and kindness!  Isn’t this as worthwhile emulating, if not more?We may know of those around us with wisdom, kindness and compassion in Singapore.
Why not celebrate and share this?  You might just inspire someone to do some good today! ^_^
Thank you Jay for sharing this video on facebook!


To Repair or To Get a New One – Of Monitors, Things and Relationships

Yesterday, I went on a mini-quest with my long time friend Yong Hee​ to fix a flickering LCD monitor. 😉


A quick trip to SIM LIM Tower got us the components.

Total component costs: S$6.50 (inclusive of spares)

If we do not repair it, it may just be sent to the dump. This will put an end to all the resources, manpower and energy put in to manufacturing the monitor. By replacing the 6 capacitors, the monitor’s useful lifespan has been extended by say another 2 – 4 years. With the spare caps, we estimate that it will continue to be useful until the CFL die out. ^_^ (y)

To Repair or To Get a New One
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Who am I – The Buddha’s Teachings on No-Self


There is no independent, permanent, unchanging “I” or “You” or “Ven. Chuan Guan”, but our existence in the various roles that we play.  That exist.

No One Role Defines Us

Given conditions, “you” exist, and as a son or daughter wrt to your parents, as a niece or newphew to your uncle and aunts, as a friend to your peers, as a colleague at work, etc. These roles collectively is who you are, yet none of it totally define you.

Sometimes we forget and overemphasis one over the other, or totally neglect this or that role. Other times, we forget to stop playing certain roles even when that role is no longer needed or relevant.  It is almost like the music that continues to play in our mind even when we stop listening to it. We continue to play some roles even when the conditions and situations have changed. Read More …

Year End Reflections 年末思旅

It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.
Reflect over the year … no matter how great it was, it was possible only through the kind help and support of many others. Be Thankful and Grateful.

No matter how lousy some days were, we survived it. There are many others who did not. Be Strong!

No matter how we are sometimes impatient and lose our temper, we can and should try again … and again. Have more patience and compassion for others, but even more so, have patience and compassion with ourselves!

Join me in changing the world in 2015 … … starting with ourselves!
May all be safe, healthy and peaceful,
may all be guided and protected by the Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha in the new year! 阿彌陀佛!



回憶回憶 。。。



来,与我—起在2015年改變這世界 。。。 。。。从我们自身做起!

(Susanna 譯)

What to do in a sinking ship?

Some people tell me about how the company they are in is going south, or worse yet, not going anywhere.  The seeming obvious decision is just to leave.

Others who are volunteering in societies or organisations sometimes feel that way too.  And all too often, they leave feeling lost, burnt out, or even betrayed.

So they leave, or jump ship.

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