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  • Jusstinrkaim

    you have bought much peace and hapiness to many through this software, you are a true hero, i bow to you with respect, may peace always be with you, the karma you have generated through this action is soo great and pure.

  • Mirco

    Dhamma Greetings Shi Chuan Guan, I want to report an issue. Am I the only one? The browser won’t let me use https://apps.facebook.com/buddhavacana/ because it has got a self-signed certificate (error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer). Now, normally, this is no problem because on can add it anyway, but from within Facebook this option is not given. How can one use the fb-app? Best Wishes

    • Hi Mirco, if you like the page https://www.facebook.com/buddhavacana , you should be able to receive the verses daily in your news feed. If you like, you can also install the app in your iphone or android phone.

      For the self-signed cert issue, can you do a screen grab for me? Thank you.

      • Mirco

        Hello, I sent you a mail with screenshot to the gmail-account.