Dharma Apps

Buddha Vacana is now available on various platforms!

Select the device and platform you are using and download it today!

Mobile / Tablet Platforms

Apple iPhone / iPad / iTouch

Android mobiles & tablets

Microsoft Windows Mobile






PC Platforms

Linux / Ubuntu via WINE




Web Platforms

Other Handheld Platforms


4 thoughts on “Dharma Apps”

  1. you have bought much peace and hapiness to many through this software, you are a true hero, i bow to you with respect, may peace always be with you, the karma you have generated through this action is soo great and pure.

  2. Dhamma Greetings Shi Chuan Guan, I want to report an issue. Am I the only one? The browser won’t let me use https://apps.facebook.com/buddhavacana/ because it has got a self-signed certificate (error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer). Now, normally, this is no problem because on can add it anyway, but from within Facebook this option is not given. How can one use the fb-app? Best Wishes

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