Check Your Motivation

A sharing from a Buddhist on Checking One’s Motivation to become a monk.


“So what makes you want be a monk?” the nun asked me back

I explained to her that my Lama had previously done a divination for me: I was a monk in my previous life

“So I wanna continue the good work that I did in my previous life, and I thought that life as a layman is quite a waste of my past life’s efforts” I explained


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Catching Up with Old Friends … …

I recently met two old friends … no, not that they are old, but more that we knew each other a long time ago. 😉

To protect their identities (I always like this! :p) … let’s call my friend … ok, ok, let’s cut the bull and get it over. If my friend has problem with his name appearing on my obscure blog, then he needs to stop living under a rock! 😉

So ChingWi messaged me one day that she has a friend Hanguan who needs some advice from a monk and referred him to me. I agreed but didn’t thought much about the name, though I thought she was referring to Angguan, another friend from awhile back, but that’s another story.

Friday came, and when this Hanguan came over my cubicle (monks have cubicles? *gasp*), I was like “Hey, I know you!” and he was like “Yeah, wow … you … “

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