Buddha Vacana in Apple App Store

Buddha Vacana is now available in Apple App Store.

Verse selection via date picker wheel.App Icon in iPad Home Screen.

23 August 2011 – Buddha Vacana is now available for download and install in the Apple App Store. If you have the pre-release version, you may need to uninstall before installing from the App Store.



Future updates will go through the Apple App Store.

1.0.1 Release notes
* UI fixes.

1.0 Release notes
* Initial release.

Special Mention:
Charles tirelessly brought 1 x G4 Mac, 1 x G5 Mac, 1 x iBook and 1 MacBook to find out which one supported the Apple iOS development. His personal MacBook is still with me, pending stabilisation and potential fixes. Thank you Charles!

Thanks to my favorite uncle (Gu3-Gu2) and my sis who got me the iPad last year. It helped with the development and testing. Additional testing was made possible through Mommie, Xiuzi, Charles, Bong Leong with their iPhone and iTouch.

Apple Developer programmes’ annual fee was paid through ‘ang bao’ funds *stashed* over the years. Appreciation to all the donors. 😉

No oranges were harmed during the development of this Apple app.