Buddha Vacana Android Is Now Available in Android Market

Buddha Vacana Android is now available in Android Market.

Upon closing app, a future app wakeup schedule is set (if autostart option is selected). Notification selected, starting the Buddha Vacana app while setting the next run, usually the same time the next day.

‘Buddha Vacana’ means the Words of the Buddha. Daily Buddha Vacana is a daily readings software that automatically displays a verse from the Buddha’s teachings on your Android tablets / phones, facebook, PC and other supported devices.

It started off with the set of verses from the book Buddha Vacana: Sacred Literature of Buddhism and now offers other books for download.

* 365 verses from the Pali Canon and post-canonical
Buddhist texts.
* Date selectable to browse and read.
* Soothing bell chime on startup of app to remind you to come back to the moment, to your breath.
* Daily verse reminder at user preset time.

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