Group Practice in SBF

Dear Friends in the Dharma,

I’m back in Singapore and some of you have asked about the Wednesday Group Practice sessions, so here’s an update.

Venerable You Wei is serving as the new term’s Education Chairman in the SBF Board of Directors, while I have, in a way, swapped roles with him, taking on the role of Dharma Propagation Chairman from this July.  As such, I have advised Eric to consult SBF Student Society (SBFSS) on the Group Practice (English) programme and discuss with Ven. You Wei on the new directions moving forward.

For the new term, I will still be teaching in the modules for SBF Dharma classes where needed, while focusing primarily on facilitating Dharma talks and perhaps Dharma sharing sessions towards the general public.  Naturally, SBF Dharma class students would be most welcome to participate as well, so no biggie on that.

Once the programmes are finalised, SBFSS should be updating everyone on it.

Hope this clarifies.  And in the mean time, keep on meditating! 😀

With metta,

Shi ChuanGuan

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