Happiness Is Not What You Think It Is

Happiness is Not What You Think It is

A Dharma Talk by Venerable Kanugolle Rathanasara

24 July 2010, Saturday
7.30pm – 9.30pm

at Poh Ming Tse Temple, 438 Dunearn Road
Registration: fringe@BuddhistConference.sg

What does it truly mean to be happy, in a Buddhist sense?

Learn what happiness is, according to Buddha
in this informative discourse.
Certain misconceived notions of what happiness entails will be debunked.

Born in the south eastern Sri Lankan village of Bibile, Venerable Kanugolle Rathanasara became a novice monk in the early age of twelve and received his higher ordination (upasampada) in 1998 at the Malwatu Maha Viharaya in Kandy, Sri Lanka. His insatiable quest for learning saw him entering the portals of the University of Kelaniya, and graduating in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts (Special) degree in Mass Communication. The noble expression of his endeavor to share his knowledge of the Dhamma internationally became fulfilled when he was selected to become a resident monk at the Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple in Singapore in 2001, at the invitation of the Singapore Sinhala Buddhist Association which administers the temple.

The organisers are grateful to the Poh Ming Tse Temple for its partnership and premises for the above Dharma talk.

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