Thoughts About the Buddha’s Teachings from 5th April 2010

I received a few emails about the verse found on 5th April 2010.

There are these three unskillful types of thought. What three? Thoughts of self-esteem, thoughts of gains, honours and fame and thoughts of worrying about others.


Most of the emails expressed questions about why worrying about others is an unskillful thought.  Here’s why.

Worry and concern are very similar, yet very different at the same time.

Without getting pedantic about it, being concerned about someone or something is not a bad thing. It is definitely good to care and be concerned for others, as this concern can and should lead to positive action to benefit others. However, this concern can instead lead to worry, which is the mere discursive thinking and often uncontrolled vacillations about the matter concerned.


The former is what can help others and can be driven by loving kindness and compassion, while the latter does not help the matter but preoccupies us, draining us emotionally and sometimes confuses us,

So be concerned, and actively do something about it, and not start worrying about things.

Hope this allays your concerns and you can stop worrying about it. 😉

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