Back from India … the Land that Buddha Walked on Moons Ago

A few thousand moons ago, 30612+ moons ago, or 2551+ years ago, to be exact. … 🙂 That was how long ago when Buddha was in India, walking the land, going on alms, teaching the Dharma, meditating under trees, in the caves, counseling the monks, enlightening the seekers of Truth. And last two weeks, we went and spent some time at Bodhgaya under the novice retreat programme.

It was pretty amazing, to say the least, to see constant throngs of people coming to Maha Bodhi to pray, to chant, to prostrate, to meditate, to be where the Buddha attained enlightenment! … and of course, not forgetting to take some pictures for posterity.  What really touched me was to see people of various nationalities & religions, speaking different languages and dialects, inter-mingling there, like old friends coming back for a reunion!

The other interesting thing that struck me was how “un-strucked” I was  about India as a whole. It seemed almost just normal to see it the way it is/was, that I didn’t felt awed, surprised or shocked, as some would put it. It was my first trip to India, but in a strange way, I just felt ‘normal’ to see the dusty streets, the beggars, the monks chanting, the crowds lining the streets etc. Some people suggested that perhaps I just felt familiar because maybe I was born in India in the past. Maybe eh?

I’ll write more later on, when I sort my thoughts out. In a way, having modern travel, shortening the time to go to and return from India, kinda mess things up for me. Am I really back from India already? 😮

In the meantime, some of the retreat participants may have something to say about the trip. Just add to the comments and post away!

I’ll setup the photo album thingie in this few days so you can upload your photos. 🙂

With metta,


1 thought on “Back from India … the Land that Buddha Walked on Moons Ago”

  1. I had just found my “old” self back which is the not what I had expected (it just somehow came back into me) and I really felt it the moment I came back… from india. Slowly…. slowly I realised… I am joining the real world, I missed those days.

    During the retreat, I realised and trying to find my “self” or “heart” and make it “settle”….. trying on each day during the retreat.
    I should said ” I had gained a lot more from the retreat… as the seed was planted before and it has started to “grow” in the ground – I will be constantly “growing”…… and larning and happy.


    metta to everyone (happy and kindness).PKM

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