Heaps of Stuffs …

You know, John C. Dvorak might be more Buddhistic than he knows himself …


The stuff belongs in the scrap heap, but we cannot force ourselves to toss it. And it builds and it builds. I have an entire room full of stuff like this. It’s embarrassing.

So how much of ‘scrap’ have we accumulated in the past year? Maybe it’s time to let go of them? Be it your old pc or gadget, your multiple handbags or shoes, your belts or ties, your views or stubbornness, isn’t it time to do some spring cleaning? … or winter cleaning for that matter?

Tell us … share your story about your ‘cleansing’. 🙂 … anonymously of course … 😉

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  1. Hi Venerable

    Yesterday was Buddhist Library’s Annual Food and Fun Fair. We set up a stall to sell second hand books collected from the alumni. Sales were not fantastic as people are more keen on food (it seems). Nonetheless, the people who donated the books were all excited about the books donated by other people. Even before the event started, we were “choping” some of the books donated by others.

    There are also browsers who get all excited when they see that on the recycled table (with no pricing so one gets to decide how much the books are worthed) are books of education value and yet going for almost free!

    My point is that while there are a lot of junk generated, there are also value in it. It only takes the individual to recognise the value.

    PS 1 … I packed all the remaining books and am going to sort them out when I have the time. Looks like my library is going to be packed with more books soon.

    PS 2 … I have thinking of doing a Bookcrossing (www.bookcrossing.com) thingy for the Buddhist community. Maybe this will be one of the many projects on my to-do list.

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