HandheldPC 1.0.1 Patch Release

Download: dbvhpc.1.0.1.zip

1.0.1 Patch Release

Patch Release of DBV for HandheldPC 1.0.1

Platform: HandheldPC Pro/2000

(Wince 2.11, 3.0)

App: dbvhpc.exe


1. Fixed AutoRun Scheduling bug

2. New combined package


Please note that the resource file buddhavacana.zip is required as a separate download

+MIPS binary

For NEC MobilePro 780/790/800/880

Tested on

HPC2000 MobilePro 790

HPC/Pro IBM z50 by Chris Tilley

+ARM binary

For HP Jornada 720/820

+SH3 binary

For HP 360lx, HPJornada 680 and the likes.

+SH4 binary

For Compaq Aero 8000, Hitachi ePlate HPW-6xx and Hitachi Persona HPC-6xx

01 February 2005

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