HandheldPC 1.0 Final Release


Final Release of DBV for HandheldPC 1.0

Platform: HandheldPC Pro/2000

(Wince 2.11, 3.0)

App: dbvhpc.exe


1. Resource info updates

2. Added AutoRun Notice

If you run DBV HandheldPC on your handheld that is not listed here, please email me at buddha_vacana AT yahoo DOT com and let me include your device in the supported list. Thank you.

May all be Well and Happy!

Well in the Body and Happy in the Mind! 🙂

1.0 Final Release
ARM binary
For HP Jornada 720/820

SH3 binary
For HP 360lx, HPJornada 680 and the likes.

SH4 binary
For Compaq Aero 8000, Hitachi ePlate HPW-6xx and Hitachi Persona HPC-6xx

MIPS binary
For NEC MobilePro 780/790/800/880

Tested on

  • HPC2000 MobilePro 790
  • HPC/Pro IBM z50 (Tested by Chris Tilley)

30 January 2005

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