HandheldPC 0.2 Beta Release

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24 January 2005

Beta Release of DBV for HandheldPC 0.2b

Platform: HandheldPC Pro/2000

(Wince 2.11, 3.0)

App: dbvhpc.exe


1. Settings dialog

1.1 Chime on/off option

1.2 Autorun option /w time schedule


1. On first run, the “Settings” dialog will be shown to allow user to configure settings.

2. Closing the “Settings dialog will save the settings to a binary config file in the same directory as DBVHPC.

3. For subsequent runs, dbvhpc.exe will read from the settings file automatically.


1. Chime option will determine if the bell chime is heard when DBVHPC is run.

2. This requires the file dbv.wav to be stored in the same directory as DBVHPC.


1. This feature is currently supported on all HPC2000 devices (WinCE3.0).

2. Support on HPCPro devices (WinCE2.11) are not known and untested.

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