Buddha Vacana Data File 1.21

Download: buddhavacana.zip

Buddha Vacana data file

This file is needed for all versions

-Copy this file to “\” root directory in your handheld.

Future versions will allow you to place it in any locations, including external storage.


This zip file contains 2 files:

1. buddhavacana.pdb (data file)

2. dbv.wav (chime file)

Unzip these two files into the same directory as the main app (dbvhpc.exe).

The main app (dbvhpc.exe) will use them correctly.


The resource files contained in buddhavaca.zip is embedded in the new dbvppc.arm.cab install file.

If you are installing from version 1.0.2 and above, you do not need to download this file separately.

22 January 2005

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