My Pet Theory about Time

(Drafted on 17 January 2010.  Time flies!)

Ever heard about how time starts to go faster as we grow older?  I heard that when I was a kid and over the years, I begin to observe this phenomena myself.  As a kid, we could play for a really looong
time and find that it is only lunch time, and still have the whole afternoon to go.  Or in some cases, do some boring homework for a long time and still have even more to go.  We would check the time and it would only be 5mins into the homework session.

When we are in our teens, we start to experience our day go by a little faster.  Maybe it is because we cannot wait for the lessons to end or to get home to do what we want.  But by the time we go past our teens and reach our 20s, time continue to speed its way past.

This is my theory, a pet theory.  Time, is a product of our perception of our experiences as it happens.  But our experience and perception of time itself is coloured by our past experiences of time.  More accurately, it is compared unconsciously with our past experience of time.

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