I Don’t Know

When we are asked for help to do something, sometimes we reply with a “I don’t know”. Why?

I’ve been observing this amongst people around me since young and I wonder why.

I’ve always been curious about how things around me work, and so whenever someone ask me for help which involves something I do not know about, I would reply that “I can try”. And more often than not, just making an attempt to try to help is comforting for people, much less when you do succeed. The upside is that you not only help someone, you also learn something new along the way.

Saying “I don’t know” is really not just a statement reflecting the present moment. To me, it is a reflection of how in the past I didn’t know and didn’t get to learn / try to learn / want to learn, hence I don’t know now. It can also be a reflection of how in the present, I don’t know, I am not getting to learn / I am not trying to learn / don’t want to learn and hence in future, I will continue not to know. Or even both.

My dear friend, we have so much potential in us. Please don’t let this potential fade into oblivion with the IDK (“I don’t know”) reply.

Starting today, try replying with a “I don’t know YET … but I can learn, I can try and I want to know!”

Can you do it?

Marine Life Protection? Anyone?

I was recently talking to a friend and she indicated that she is keen in volunteering to help out in Marine Life protection.  So I was wondering if anyone would know where she can volunteer in.  Kindly leave a note.

On a side note, for those of us who may not be ready to volunteer our time to save marine life, we can avoid harming them.  For a start, you may want to give up the rod and stop fishing or netting fishes, crabs etc.  I do agree that going out to the beach or sea is rather relaxing and calming, and I know of friends who join in such fishing trips, not really to fish, but for the company or just to enjoy the sea breeze.  However, one could still enjoy the sea breezes without leaving the hook out in the sea.  And if one really wants to feed the fishes, just bring along the appropriate feed and scatter them into the sea without the hook!  Trust me you, the fishes would appreciate it a lot better! 😉

Volunteers Needed

Dear friends,

I had lunch with Ven. Dhammika yesterday at BDMS, and he asked if I know of any web wizards who can help him come up with some web page for him. It’s basically a web page/site comprising a map of the sacred Buddhist sites in India. All content and pictures are ready, waiting to be pieced together by the volunteer-to-be.

The candidate(s) should be:

  1. A Buddhist or at least Buddhist-friendly. (Call me biased, but who are we kidding? 😉 )
  2. Able to advise and follow-up with an implementation suitable for the above.
  3. Either Web or Design savvy or both.

and be expected to:

  1. Work with a witty Venerable (no, not me, Ven. Dhammika! … ok, I’m witty as well, but that’s besides the point! 🙂 )
  2. Converse in English.
  3. Not tremble in the presence of an Angmo.

So if you’ve got what it takes and are in Singapore, contact me via the comments today!

PS: Screening of suitable volunteers last till 7th July, 2007.