Volunteers Needed

Dear friends,

I had lunch with Ven. Dhammika yesterday at BDMS, and he asked if I know of any web wizards who can help him come up with some web page for him. It’s basically a web page/site comprising a map of the sacred Buddhist sites in India. All content and pictures are ready, waiting to be pieced together by the volunteer-to-be.

The candidate(s) should be:

  1. A Buddhist or at least Buddhist-friendly. (Call me biased, but who are we kidding? 😉 )
  2. Able to advise and follow-up with an implementation suitable for the above.
  3. Either Web or Design savvy or both.

and be expected to:

  1. Work with a witty Venerable (no, not me, Ven. Dhammika! … ok, I’m witty as well, but that’s besides the point! 🙂 )
  2. Converse in English.
  3. Not tremble in the presence of an Angmo.

So if you’ve got what it takes and are in Singapore, contact me via the comments today!

PS: Screening of suitable volunteers last till 7th July, 2007.

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