New Dharma Classes for 2017

Dear friends,

Here’s an update of classes for 2017.

  1. Living a Loving and Awakened Life 入菩薩行論
  2. The Treatise on the Hundred Dharmas 大乘百法明門論
  3. Heart Sutra workshop 心經
  4. Weekly Spiritual Group Cultivation

Podcast for past lessons are also available for students.

Living a Loving and Awakened Life

Bodhicaryavatara, a commentary by Shanti Deva offers a progressive guide for aspiring individuals to embark on the Bodhisattva path.

How is the Bodhisattva Path relevant to us all in our lives?  We all wish to care and love those around us, but sometimes we are bogged down by challenges in our lives, hampering us.  Instead of benefiting others we may even bring harm to ourselves and others.

This series of classes gently nudges us forward with words of wisdom from the past bringing light to our present and the future.

Come join us to learn the commentary on The Entry to the Bodhisattva Practice.

Every Thursday 730pm to 930pm @ THE BUDDHIST LIBRARY


The Treatise on the Hundred Dharmas

In this Mahayana Abhidharma commentary of the consciousness only (yogacara) school, Venerable Vasubandhu elucidates on the way our mind functions and relates to the world we exist in. What are these Hundred Phenomena? How does this teaching apply to us in our daily lives? Come join us and learn how to better manage our mind and emotions as we pave the way to true inner peace and happiness, Nirvana.

*大乘百法明门论 Mahāyāna śatadharmā-prakāśamukha śāstra

This course is split into 4 terms and the class is on every Wednesday.

Every Wednesday 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Starting 15 Feb @ THE BUDDHIST LIBRARY


Heart Sutra Workshop 2017 (English)The Heart Sutra is one of the most commonly recited sutras in temples and monasteries worldwide. While being the shortest, at 260 Chinese characters, it expounds deep and profound teachings of Emptiness as taught by the Buddha.


What is Emptiness and how can we apply it in our life today?

How do we recite this sutra and how can we change ourselves so that we can become happier?

Come join our Heart Sutra workshop and learn more!

Every Sunday 9.00am – 11.00am (5 Mar to 14 May 2017) @ THE BUDDHIST UNION

Online Registration

Spiritual Group Cultivation

Come join us, learn, share and grow together! 🙂

Every Sunday 2.00pm – 3.30pm @ THE BUDDHIST UNION