Dharma Talk: What Is Right Effort?

What is Right Effort?

We put in effort to strive for this and that.  We are energetic when it comes to going for pursuits in our life.  We pursue our education, our career, and our entertainment.  We pursue to have a good life with our family.  We strive hard.  Is this Right Effort?  Or is it not?

But what is Right Effort?  What makes it “Right”?

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So the Olympics Is Around the Corner

With the Olympic starting in just two days, the whole world goes into a frenzy, soaking in every bit of Olympic titbits they can find, lavishing in the news of all the different sports man and woman people and the history and background of the Games.

Suddenly everyone wants to know the psyche behind these sports folks, what their favorites are, what books they read.  Ok, maybe not everybody wants to know, but at least the news people seem to be rather keen.  So who is driving who?  Are the readers driving the news or the journalists driving the content read?  Hmmm …

Regardless, I read of some athletes and how they excel in their field.  Without fail, the story would describe how they train for hours, days and years before they reach their present state of athletic perfection!  While some may have had a flair for their sports since young, non attained their excellence by sitting on their butts for the past 10 years! :p

This is something common in sports, in the arts, in sciences and yes, even in business!  In all fields, individuals excel through their diligence and repeated efforts, and even then only some succeed to be the very best.  So it makes me raise a brow when people come to me complaining that their practices fail to quell their anger … … after one week of trying!

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