Daily Readings Updated with Selectable Books

The Daily Readings was recently updated with the Dhammapada verses and I received a comment suggesting for the previous verses from “Buddha Vacana” to be available.

After writing a php script to order the Dhammapada verses uniformly according to the sutta count in each book, I wrote an option to choose the book to read from.

From the screenshot above, you can find the dropdown list option with “Buddha Vacana” and “Dhammapada”.  The new code will remember your choice and display verses from the same book you chose.

For your convenience, you can change your options any time you want.  There is nothing to register or login to.

To keep it simple, the cookie just store ONE value, a bookid with value “1” or “2” (defaulting to “2”).  No personal information of yours is captured or stored, only this bookid.

If you do not have cookies enabled, it will default to “Dhammapada” and require you to choose the other available books manually.

If this new code breaks or crashes your browser, let me know. I’ll fix it.  If it gives  your cat sleepless nights and make your dog growl incessantly, let me know.  We may have discovered something amazing or crazy.  Or it could be totally unrelated.

Be Good, Be Mindful, Be Happy.

Update to Buddha Vacana on Facebook

Buddha Vacana on facebook has been updated with a fresh new layout and feature.
Below a screenshot of the main page.  Please take a look and share your comments here or on facebook.