Cremation Ceremony of a Dharma Master, Master Long Gen 隆根长老荼毗(火化)大典

On 15th June 2011, Master Long Gen passed away.  Known for his life long work and effort in Buddhist education, he has left us and on 24th June 2011, a cremation ceremony and puja service was conducted in his honour.  At 1145am, when the puja service was about to begin, a halo of light appeared around the sun.  Below is a newspaper cutting that captured what was seen as an auspicious aura, an auspicious ring of light in the sky, seen from Leng Foong Prajna Temple.


For many, such a sight is indeed inspiring!

Being inspired, let us go learn about the teachings shared by late Master Long Gen, so that we may learn the Buddha’s teaching through his sharing.

nThrough this learning, let us practise. Through the practice, let us realise the way things truly are. Through such realisation, let us attain to Nibbana!

In this way, let us we honour the late Master Long Gen.

Newspaper scan by Yeo Kia Liang … I decided to crop out the other unrelated news and post the sharing I gave yesternight at Buddhist Union. Suki hontu! ^_^

Update on Yogacarabumi Sastra Translations

Dear friends,

Here’s an update on the Yogacarabumi sastra translation.

It contains the full translation of the whole chapter and I am doing a final review of it with my fellow Dharma brother.

Should be complete in a month’s time or so.

Please email me if you find any typo or incorrect translations.
Thank you.

Sabbe satta sukhita hontu! ^_^

What I Learnt Last Night from Bhante Dhammaratna

We always hear from others that we should look at the goodness in others. But last night, at the meditation class at the Buddhist Library, hearing Bhante extoll the positive aspect of a certain group, I can’t help but appreciate deeply that despite what we think, there may be something positive in others. If only we look.

“Try to see the goodness in others”.