Happy Chinese New Year to All!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Here’s some programmes coming up at the Buddhist Library for this Chinese New Year:

Wednesday 2 Feb Chinese New Year’s Eve 年除夕

8:30pm ~ 9:30pm
Special Chinese New Year Puja & Chanting led by Ven. B. Dhammaratana

Thursday 3 Feb (1st Day of Chinese New Year 年初一)

8:30am ~ 9:00am
Blessings by Ven. B. Dhammaratana

11am ~ 11:30am
Puja in Pali & English

11:30am ~ 11:45am
Dhamma talk by Ven. Chuan Guan

Dana for monks

Evening Puja in Pali & English by Ven. B. Dhammaratana

Chanting in Chinese by Ven. Yuan Qing


Friday 4 Feb (2nd Day of Chinese New Year 年初二)

6:30am ~ 8:30am
Library opens for blessings

Saturday 12 Feb (10th Day of Chinese New Year 年初十)

Visit to Taipei Old Folks’ Home

Sunday 13 Feb (11th Day of Chinese New Year 年十一)

Chinese New Year Gathering

New Year House Blessing Service by Bhante B. Dhammaratana will commence from Friday 4 Feb (2nd Day of Chinese New Year 年初二).
Please contact counter staff for an appointment.

Suki hontu! ^_^

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

What are your ‘fortunes’ this year?

Will you have will-power to resist some of the little pleasures that you know is going to add inches to you?

Will the ‘Tiger year’ bring luck or a dash of anxiety this year?*

Can you make the right decision and choose between being ‘(self-)right(eous)’ and being ‘happy’?

Are the stars aligned, and the planets in tandem?*

Maybe this year, you can still be happy even if you do not get what you want.  Or can you?

Whatever will happen outside is dependent on many, too many factors and conditions.  Whatever happens in our mind depends on how we want to nuture and cultivate it.

So what are your ‘fortunes’ this year?  You decide.  That is all. ^_^

May you be guided and protected by the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.


* – I do not subscribe to the foretelling of fortune through horoscopes or astrology, although I recognise how the belief in them can influence our fortune through self-fulfilling prophesies.  See Macbeth for more literary exposition on it.