Our Attitude towards Volunteering

Remember why we are volunteering. If we volunteer for words of thanks, a nod of approval, or others’ affirmation, we would be disheartened and give up if we receive no such thing.

Instead, let’s keep our heart and mind focused on the Dharma, on sharing the Dharma, for the welfare and benefit of whoever have the conditions to come in touch with the Dharma, then our efforts will not wane regardless of whether we receive praise or blame.


Easy to make the initial aspiration or intent, not easy to sustain with perseverance.

Someone replied to me

I don’t need thanks or affirmation. I need a no nonsense system. Hahaha

Good point!

If we focus on the Dharma, even if people give us nonsense or rubbish or sh*t … we will brush aside the nonsense, recycle the rubbish, and fertilise the plants with the sh*t … … and continue!!! 💪😤

Remember, the Buddha didn’t attain Buddhahood with everyone giving him the best conditions. It is also through the worse conditions, that the Buddha was able to complete the perfections! 🙏


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