A lesson in Perseverance and Team Spirit

Tell me you didn’t clap in the end!!  *clap* *clap* *clap*

It was too muffled to hear what they were saying, nor hear what the teacher told him.
But we can see that
1) No one jeered when he failed.  There was just silence.
2) No one made any false pretense of positive encouragements that the failed attempts were good.
3) Cheering came each time towards the point of execution
4) The peer encouragement seemed to be initiated by the students themselves.
The boy was crying, but no one appeared worried that he was getting hurt. There is no need to be so overly worried about self-esteem the way our society has become.
To become emotionally resilient, we need to learn to face failures, starting from small ones. To face setbacks. And when we do stupid things, to expect to be told off that we did stupid things.
Gambatte kudasai!!

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