Eat to Live, Live to Eat, or Eat to … … ?

Heard a fellow monk said “(I’m) not eating.  Eat when one is hungry, why eat when one is not hungry? ”

Simple and straight to the point!

Do we eat to live or live to eat?  Sometimes we eat because of a celebration or function when in fact we really do not need to eat.  But a meal is often times a chance to socialise and bond.  This is especially true for families where everyone is busy working in the day, and the main opportunity to interact and bond is over dinner.

So sometimes we may partake in a meal when we are really not hungry, and for good reasons.

But reflecting over what this venerable said, perhaps we can still interact and bond while those who need to eat, can eat, while those who are not hungry, can tuck in to the delightful company and be fulfilled with food for thought?

If anyone can help translate the above and leave me a note, I’ll update it with Chinese translation.  Thank you! 🙂