Mindfulness of Breath Meditation Class

The practise of Samatha and Vipassana is found in all major Buddhist tradition.  In this meditation class, learn how to meditate through The Six Wonderful Ways 六妙門.

The Six Wonderful Ways 六妙門*, an elaboration of anapanasati meditation (mindfulness of breath) by Tian Tai Master Zhi Zhe 天台智者大師, is a gradual development of samatha (concentration) and vipassana (insight) using six techniques of breathing meditation
found in the Buddhist tradition.

The class is based on the teachings given by my late teacher, Master Miu King (妙境老和尚), and will be conducted by myself in English.

Join us for 12 sessions starting in March, every Thursday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

* – 六妙門 literally means the six wonderful doors.  The word “門” or “door” refers to the techniques or ways to meditate.  Hence the translation “The Six Wonderful Ways”.

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