I Like Science, Esp Physics … …

I like science, esp physics, partly because it can be proven and partly because it is this understanding that allowed many modern inventions. I also like physics because it meant that when I studied kinematics (way back in secondary school and JC), I only had to study once and can apply the same stuffs in three different exams!

The one thing I love was the mathematical proving1 in JC. Not that I was particularly good at it, ‘cos I frequently prove that 0 = 0 or 1 = 1 and not prove or disprove the intended question!

While I have this passion for maths, physics and science, I also wonder how many of us take it as fact or truth as long as scientists say so. How many of us have proven all the mathematical, physical and chemical laws, and how many of us assume it should be right?

Granted, I have confidence in those in labcoats, and I do not propose that we learn years of aerospace engineering before taking a plane or civil & structural engineering to stay in a highrise without becoming paranoid.

Physicists are using Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as the instrument to find or verify the presence Higgs boson (particles). Their experiments would be mostly unintelligible to most of human kind. Their findings will only be verified and proven by their fellows in the field, and not even by scientists in other fields. Should we doubt their findings?

In Buddhist teachings, the mind is our instrument, but we need to train it so that we can use it to see the true nature of all phenomena. The Buddha saw how it was and was consequently released from craving and attachment, leading to an ending of suffering.

Others who have repeated this procedure realised the same truth and was likewise liberated. They are then declared as Arahants, the Noble Ones, by virtue of their purity and freedom from craving, attachment and defilements.

Their accounts were recorded and later verified by others. Some even came from other schools to challenge the Buddha and his teachings, but through their own verification, ‘converted’ to the Buddhist teachings.

The invitation to Buddhists and non Buddhists alike has always been this: Ehi passiko. Come and see.

Suki hontu! ^_^

Footnote 1: The mathematics in university was so crazy, they had crazier names!  These include things like binomial series, bernoulli, la place, fourier transform (no, not transformer transform!), root locus, among others … … come to think about it, I have this pet project to go figure most of them out completely, just so I don’t waste this life time of study in university! … but that is another blog post … ^_~


Meanwhile, for those who like studies and clinical tests by the scientists, there are numerous articles citing changes in the grey matter linked to meditation.


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  1. Xi-Fu, do you think that Meditation can possibly implement into our medical fields in our Asian countries in genral? Yet there are many types/kinds of meditation in the market today? Thanks for your kind guidance!

  2. Seng Cheng, I believe it can be done! Interestingly, this study into meditation as a clinical treatment or therapy is presently studied in Western countries but not necessarily so in Asia, esp. SouthEast Asia as yet.

    Most SouthEast Asians take meditation as a religious or spiritual practice and do not see how it has direct positive impact on our body and mind. Fortunately, there are some neurologists and psychologists who are starting to look at meditation from a clinical standpoint and are moving towards applying it as therapy.

    The irony would be that people will then learn to meditate only doctors say that it is good for you.

    Comment posted from blog … …

  3. Ven Shi Chuan Guan, what you say is true enough as far as I am concerned as per our Asian society perhaps due to narrow or sturborness/rigid mind-set or mind-concept. I agree with you & am believing with sufficient confidence too that it can be done one day if not too soon.

    On the other hand, if praying can be considered as part & parcel of overall Meditation then it is very common sense & most popular action that humankind can readily accept it in the scientific medical field too. Whether it has got with any religion or spiritual satisfaction or fullfilment or not is another different separate matter or issue as far as I can
    understand about science & philosophy. Afterall both the religion & philosophy are still greatly bonded with all walks of life within our sensual spheres of strong desire world of which we tend to rely more on spiritual concept rather the reality of nature which are very rare people to take note of or aware of in today fast pace of living lives. We seem to be drifting fruther & further away from the vast nature. Just look around our humankind emotion & behaviour today even with so advance of science & technology perhaps we may understand a thing or two. Can we ignore or deny it/them?

    Perhaps all we need is with open heart-mind for a beginning as well as with clarity of mind & warmer heart within each of humankind right on this tiny grain of sand called earth as common ground of co-existence in harmony. Surely it can be running in parellel without much difficulty or problem. I hope/wish well educated Singaporeans at large will understand that MEDITATION is beyond any belief or religion YET it can wonderfully fit into all religions from all walks of life. It is more on the mental cultivation which is very scientific too.

    Smile & Cheers With Happy Chinese Lunar New Year Too! May Y2011 the rabbit year bring all BEINGS on earth well happy & peaceful with prosperity too. Thank you!

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