SBF Funding for Youth Projects and Programmes Approved in Principle

Back from SBF meeting earlier this afternoon.  Some of you may remember about the idea to have funding for youth projects and programmes.  Well, SBF has set aside a certain amount of funds for this very cause!  
Thanks to a preliminary proposal by Soon Han, a working panel comprising Ven. Sumana, Ven. Xiang Yang and Soon Han will be developing this proposal into a working programme for youths groups to apply for funding.

In particular, we will be working closely with the tertiary institutions’ buddhist societies (TIBS) to make good use of the funds in their activities and projects so as to further the sharing and propagation of Buddha Dharma.  More information will be made available in the days to come.

For a start, we should be having a simple meetup with the TIBS to share with them this programme.  All buddhist youth groups in Singapore are encouraged to take full advantage of this programme, so contact us today!  The Buddha has already done the R&D, it is up to us to learn, apply and share the Dharma!

Suki hontu! ^_^


The above working panel is responsible for formalising a working programme for Buddhist groups to make use of the school facilities in Maha Bodhi School and Manjushri Secondary School.  The funds programme is still happening! ^^