CONFIRMED: There Is Life in Outer Space!

The Milky Way 360° panorama at Death Valley

It is confirmed!  There is life in outer space.  In the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, there lies approximately 200 billion to 400 billion stars.  This is considered a fraction compared to our own Andromeda Galaxy, which houses more than one trillion stars.


Amongst this 200~400 billion of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, there lies a solar system emitting regular pulsating radio waves.  Our probes have identified some of the stronger pulses due to radioactive emission from nuclear detonation that occurred in the past.


While contact with the lifeforms found in this solar system is still not established, one particular planet orbiting this system appear to be inhabited by numerous species of intelligent and semi-developed life-forms.  This third planet, currently named by its GUID (Galaxy Unique Identifier) MWG.Sol.3, formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago in the current cycle of the galaxy.  Lifeforms first appeared within a billion years of its formation and is expected to continue for another 5 billion years or so, before its eventual destruction due to the growth of its sun into a red giant.  When the sun runs out of hydrogen, it would turn onto helium to fuel its fussion furnace, swelling up many hundred times, engulfing most of the inner planets, including MWG.Sol.3 in its path.


The Confederation of Solar Systems are convening a summit to decide whether to establish First-Contact in accordance to Interstella-Contact ACT Protcol 2554.  The consideration would include whether such contact would bring about mutual benefit and whether there is anything worthwhile to learn from these Sentient beings from the Milky Way Galaxy.  A possible outcome is a short feasibility study of the native lifeforms for 400 centuries to determine suitability.  Thereafter, the findings may assist in arriving at a suitable recommendation on First-Contact.


Meanwhile, according to the latest report from the summit … …


The above is a possible report from some sentient lifeforms in a neighbouring (2.5 million light-years away!) galaxy about our galaxy, the Milky Waay.  While we search for lifeforms in outer space, it may be worthwhile to consider that we are in outer space, orbiting the sun at 29.78 km/s with an incidental speed of 552 km/s due to the relative speed of the Milky Way as a whole.  That being the case, if we find “ourselves”, what can we learn from ourselves?  What wisdom can we glean from this alien species on MWG.Sol.3, or Earth, the third planet of the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy?

If we are the alien species that others find, what wisdom do we want to be known for?  For that matter, do we really have to go searching for some lifeforms out there, when we are also an “alien lifeforms” hurling through space, waiting to be discovered.  While we’ve spent trillions trying to conquer space and perhaps find lifeforms in outer space, have we conquered our inner space, our minds so that we are worthy alien lifeforms for others to find, to contact and to learn from?

So, dear alien reader, what wisdom do you have to share?



Hint: Satire

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