Yogācārabhūmi-śāstra 瑜伽師地論


Co-translated with Lee Cheng Soon

Translations in progress — ongoing changes are expected.

  1. Stage connected with the Body of Five Consciousness – edited 1 Dec 2020
  2. Stage of Mano – edited 1 Dec 2020
  3. Stage with Investigation and Analysis
  4. Stage without Investigation but with Analysis
  5. Stage without Investigation nor Analysis
  6. Stage of Samāhita – in progress
  7. Stage of Non-Samāhita – New 29 Jan 2021
  8. 9. Stage with and without Mind – New 1 Dec 2020
  9.  (combined with stage 8)
  10. Stage accomplished through Hearing
  11. Stage accomplished through Reflection
  12. Stage accomplished through Cultivation – edited 1 Dec 2020
  13. Stage of Śrāvaka
  14. Stage of Pratyekabuddha – Edited 9 Feb 2021
  15. Stage of Bodhisattva

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