State of Catastrophe Declared in Chile After Massive 8.8-Magnitude Quake,2933,587565,00.html

Chile’s president declared a state of catastrophe in the aftermath of a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake Saturday that left bodies, crumbled buildings and outages in its wake.

Chile’s interior minister says at least 214 people had been found dead as of Saturday afternoon, and the pre-dawn quake, the most powerful quake to hit the country in a half century, also cut electricity, water and phone lines to many outlying areas, meaning there was no immediate word of death or damage there.

The quake also unleashed a tsunami across the ocean, putting much of the Pacific Rim on alert for potentially devastating waves.

We may be thousands of miles apart from those who perished or are hurt in earthquake, but let us take a minute out of our busy life and keep them in mind.

May those who can offer them help, offer them open-handedly.

May those in need of food, drink and shelter, receive them.

May those who need some to comfort, receive comfort and solace.

May all beings be well and happy.

Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu

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