SBF Press Statement on Pastor Rony Tan’s remarks

SBF Press Statement on Pastor Rony Tan’s remarks

9th February 2010 – Below is the official press statement issued by Singapore Buddhist Federation on the recent Pastor Rony Tan’s remarks.  Attached is the pdf file for reference.

The Singapore Buddhist Federation applauds the timely involvement and advice by the relevant authorities in stopping the potential damage being done to both Buddhist and Taoist communities by inappropriate and insensitive remarks made by Rev Pastor Rony Tan.

Lord Buddha taught us to be compassionate and forgiving, but repentance must be sincere and follow up with deeds lest this untoward event be forgotten and repeated.Genuine and continual inter-faith consultation is preferred instead of open instigation.

In this regard, the Singapore Buddhist Federation welcomes all initiatives from all quarters to facilitate maintenance of religious harmony in Singapore.

Issued by Singapore Buddhist Federation
9th February 2010


2 thoughts on “SBF Press Statement on Pastor Rony Tan’s remarks”

  1. Also why this Ex-monk not read the Buddhist Tri-Pitaka, there have many things about 84,000 Chapters.

    Chanting is not real of Buddhist teaching, chanting is from Hindu but that Ex-monk said, Buddhist is chanting sutras only that mainly. When I told my friend about Ex-monk, my friend is very angry about Ex-monk.

    I want know, why he want to become monk? please answer in any comment message, Ex-monk destroy Buddha teaching and tell lied.

    Peter cheng

  2. Anyone want to become monks, they must train in well before enter a monk and must know rules and precepts of Buddhist, may be this Mr wee(ex-monk) don’t know anything about Buddhism when he join Buddhist.

    Now he is complainting and commenting or look at Buddhist teaching like his enemy, may be he go to Christian also like that, have very few human is comderm of Buddha Teachings and may be this Mr Wee is hero because he not afraid of Karma or may be Mr Wee think, he is father of God

    Juses Christ also not against of Buddha teaching, everyone in this world needed to learning of Buddha teaching, Buddha is origin from King family and he went to practised outside palace until attained highest Enlightenment

    But Mr Wee, he is where from? May be Singapore made by him, why he don’t like Buddhist, may be he interested of Christian lady to married, may be Buddhist lady don’t like him.

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