Homework for Heartsutra Workshop @ PMT

Dear friends,

Of the three homework to do, one of them is to searh for “The All” 一切法 in the Pali canon.

Method #1:

The homework to look for the sutta “The All” should be easier if you goto the site www.accesstoinsight.org and click on the link “indexed by sutta“.  Then look for a sutta called “Sabba Sutta” or “The All”.

Method #2:

Use google and search for

“The All” site:accesstoinsight.org

The keyword ‘site:accesstoinsight.org’ tells google to search for “The All” while narrowing your search results to those found in accesstoinsight.org.

Searching google returns more results that are useful and includes not just the “The All” sutta.

Hint: It is found in Samyutta Nikaya 35 (abbrev. SN 35).

PS: Samyutta Nikaya is one of the nikayas under the sutta-pitaka, and is commonly translated as The Connected Discourses.  In the Chinese tripitaka canon, it is under the agamas section 阿含部, under 雜阿含經.
Have fun searching for the sutta!

With metta, ^_^

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