Facing Up to Reality

Of late, I noticed numerous blogs discussing atheism and christianity.  Here are some thoughts about it.

Believing that some divine being will come and save us all from evil is shirking our human moral responsibility to each other.  We keep talking about human rights.  Maybe we should start talking about human responsibilities.  We should be responsible for our actions towards each other, regardless of whether there is a god or not.  Last I check, no being came in to stop hitler, or the japanese, or the a-bomb, or any of the despot regime on genocidal paths.  It is up to us to do the right thing and the last thing to do, is do the right thing and then attribute it to some god that may or may not exist.

Why should we blame our own flaws on some external evil and call it satan?  Convenient?  Yes!  Practical?  No!  We should stop and be answerable to ourselves and stop being whiny kids pointing fingers at some invisible fiend.

I wonder with amazement every time a talented person comes on stage to receive accolade for some good work he has done would begin or end with “Thank god … ” or “it would be impossible without god willing … “.  Why do we think so lowly of ourselves?  That human beings are incapable of doing any good except if god is around?  Is this a twisted evolution of humility?  Or is this a nascent form of humility that has somehow got stuck in social evolution and remain as part of human traits?

We should be confident of the good that we can do with our human effort.  That it is possible to bring about happiness and peace without the presence of some divinity or invisible friend or fiend.  Maybe if we can be honest with ourselves in this way, then we can be at peace with ourselves.  And with others.  With or without god.  Or heaven.