Making the Choice to be Happy

It’s interesting when we think about how we often talk about pursuing happiness in life bla bla blah, when in real life, no one will quite answer “I’m pursuing happiness” when asked “What are you pursuing in life right now?”.

When I meet some new people, I like to ask them “What do you do?”.  They would then tell me they are in whatever trade or profession they are in.  When I ask them “What you are doing these days?”, they would reply with a gist of whatever projects or activities they are currently engaged in.

When you ask them what they hope to see happen in their life 10 to 20 years later, maybe some will say marriage, a good career etc etc, depending on their age, direction in life and so on.  I’ve yet to meet someone who would tell me, they are “pursuing happiness” right this moment.

Maybe it’s because you cannot just go to the mall to get it.  Or that it’s so intangible.  While you are experiencing it, you barely think about it, when you loose it, then you realise its absence!  Nevertheless, I would like to suggest this, for you and everyone to do this for yourself:  Make a choice to be happy!

Now I am not suggesting for us to start making yet another wishlist of “If I have XYZ I would be happy”, but to start making a different list this time.  This time, make a list that says “Whether or not I get XYZ, I will choose to be happy!”. 🙂

Later on, I’ll suggest some ways for staying happy regardless of outcome XYZ, in the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

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