PocketPC 1.0.1 Patch Release

Download: dbvppc.1.0.1.arm.cab dbvppc.1.0.1.arm.zip
1.0.1 Patch Release

StrongARM binary

Tested/Works on:

+Toshiba e310 etc SA1100 (Pocket PC 2002)

+iMate Jam Cell (Windows Mobile 2003 SE) posted by Johan. 16 Nov 2005

+Email me if DBVPPC runs on your device and is not listed here.


This release is a patch to properly remove all files and directories during uninstall.


Please uninstall the earlier version if you have it installed.


1. Download dbvppc.1.0.1.arm.zip into your PC.

2. Unzip dbvppc.arm.cab from this zipfile into your PC.

3. Do not run or doubleclick on this cabfile in your PC.

4. Copy the cabfile dbvppc.arm.cab into the “\My Documents” folder in your PocketPC.

– You may also copy it to any folder in your PocketPC and it should work.

5. Click on the file dbvppc.arm.cab in your PocketPC to install.

You do not need to copy buddhavacana.zip anymore. The resource files are included in the cabfile.

My thanks to those who emailed me for help with installations. It made me realised that I was missing the installation notes.

18 August 2005

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