Palm 1.2Beta 2

1.2Beta 2
New Features
– Enhanced for OS5 320 X 480 (Works on Palm T3 & Sony OS5 CLIE)
– Chime sound support for Sony CLIE (Requires 3rd party add-in. See below)
– Autostartup modified to always run once a day only
This new version contains update for the prc file.
Currently, Chime feature on Sony requires a 3rd party add-in (MCA2) at AiboPet’s AiboHack Site.
This is due to Sony and Palm having differing APIs for supporting sound. Sony released sound-enabled CLIE with the Yamaha chipset while Palm implemented its own in later Palm models.
Will try to integrate with the Yamaha PA1Lib sound library for Sony CLIE later when I have the bandwidth. (Prob after June)
Will then test on my friend’s Sony CLIE NX70 to see if it works as my only Sony CLIE is the antiqued PEG-SL10! 🙂
11 June 2004

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