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Do something for yourself. Give yourself some peace today!


Peace comes about when we can finally accept things as they are.  Good or bad, to accept that that is the way it turned out because of various conditions.

In some ways it is to realise that we are powerless as there are many other conditions contributing to the final result.  Often times we think that we are in control, but in fact, we are only a contributor.  This can be frightening to some, but it can be liberating knowing that we don’t have to shoulder it all.  That in fact, it is not just about us.  That we can stop blaming ourselves for everything.

At the same time, it is to realise that while not all-powerful, we are still a contributor.  That we should put in our best possible effort to do what we can.  And if things still don’t work out, then we should let it rest knowing that we tried our best.

But what if it was not our best?  Well, we have to accept that we did not do our best as well!  And that that was actually the “best”, given the condition in the past.  If it is not ideal, then try again.  We have to also be mindful of the various factors contributing to our effort as well.

Learn to accept the past.  Because not accepting it doesn’t make the past better, it only make the present worse.

Mindfulness in schools and universities in UK

Read on for more on Mindfulness in schools and find out why and how the simple practice of Buddhist mindfulness meditation is finding its way from the monasteries in the East to the schools and universities in the West.


Schools minister David Laws says Buddhist technique could help children


Buddhist Meditation is finding its way out of monasteries in the East into schools in the West, this time in UK.

Lessons in meditation? Schools could teach pupils ‘mindfulness’ to help them concentrate and deal with stress


Asked to explain the concept of mindfulness, he said: ‘It’s about trying to impact on people’s motivations, their attitudes to life. It’s about trying to get at some of the things we don’t always get at through our crude technical interventions.
Education Minister David Laws said said he thought in ‘mindfulness’ should be taken seriously in helping to improve pupils’ ‘attitudes to life’

Education Minister David Laws said said he thought in ‘mindfulness’ should be taken seriously in helping to improve pupils’ ‘attitudes to life’

‘It’s an area that we should take seriously while making sure that there is proper evidence-based scrutiny of it.’ Rooted in ancient Buddhist practices, the modern mindfulness movement has been gathering momentum over the last 30 years.

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