Vesak Day at the Buddhist Library 2011 (2011年佛教图书馆卫塞节庆典)







Vesak Day at the Buddhist Library 2011




Morning – Noon

  • 6am: Library Opens 图书馆开馆
  • 8am: Morning Puja (Pali and English) 诵经(巴利与英语)
  • 9:15am: 拜诵 [八十八佛] (Chinese chanting)
  • 10am: Bathing Prince Siddharta 浴佛
  • 10:45am: Dharma Talk in Chinese by Ven Chuan Guan
  • 11am: Puja Chanting and Blessings (Pali and English) 诵经(巴利与英语)及法师祝福
  • 11:30am: Vesak Day Address by Bhante Dhammaratana 法师致词
  • 11:45am: Dana for Maha-sangha 供僧

Noon – Afternoon

  • 12pm: Vegetarian lunch

Vesak 2554

Dear Boys and Girls,

Vesak 2554 will be celebrated at Ngee Ann City on 8th &
amp; 9th May 2010.

The working committee has put in hours of sweat, tears and hard work to put up this year’s Vesak celebration.  So kudos to them.

I was roped in recently by Ven. Kwang Phing to assist him as vice-chair.  I hestitated as my Dharma teaching commitments are already filling up my week, but I still agreed to assist where I can and attended my first meeting as vice-chair.  To my surprise and relief, much of the planning and work had already been completed, so my concerns were unfounded.

Well, the tickets for the Food & Funfair should be going around now, so get yours today!


There are those who believe that we mortal humans cannot amount to much, that we are imperfect and doomed to suffer.

But then one person stood up and overcame human failings and perfected Himself.  He became known as the Buddha, the Awakened One.


Come down to Ngee Ann City to commemorate the Victory of the Buddha, in this weekend of celebration and inspiration!