To My Mom and Dad! … :)

Today is not Mother’s day, nor is it Father’s day. It is also not my parent’s birthday. Least of all, it’s also not my birthday. Today, they accompanied me to run an errand to Funan. (Yes, sometimes monks also need stuffs … *grin*)

Here I am back in the monastery, after a meditation class/session with NUSBS in FuHai Monastery, reflecting about the day, thinking about how my parents accompanied me to run an errand to Funan at a short notice. Color me silly, but I found myself teary just reflecting over it.

I just sent them an sms and thought I would share with you all here:

Thanks Mom and Dad! For
accompanying me to Funan today at such a short notice. For giving me your time, incessant care and love since my birth! For giving me this precious human life! For bringing me into Buddhism and giving me away to the Buddha! Thank you! THANK YOU! Thank you! 🙂 🙂

Before this day ends and we rest for the day, do take the time to reflect over the day. Ponder on the kindness, love and care that our parents had showered us. Give thanks. Ponder on the kindness that our friends had given us. Give thanks. Ponder on the assistance that sentient beings have in one way or another assisted us through our day, our life. Give thanks.

Whether you are a Buddhist, a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Taoist (or believe in any other wonderful faith that I’ve missed out), take the time to give thanks. It does not have to be a special day to give thanks. And yet, on the other hand, everyday is special enough to give thanks!

Give thanks to our parents and fellow sentient beings by

  1. Saying thank you to them
  2. Being considerate to them
  3. Helping them when they need help
  4. Giving way to them
  5. Refrain from harming them (like hunting, killing animals, insects etc)
  6. Respecting their right to their belongings
  7. Respecting their relationships
  8. Being truthful to them
  9. Maintaining clarity of mind by avoiding intoxicants such as drugs & alcohols
  10. And if you are really up to it, be mindful of your body, speech and mind. That way you can truly be helpful to them and not harm them!

Have a nice day … unless you have other plans! 🙂