Buddhist Library 30th Anniversary Family Day

How can you participate?

There are many ways that you can participate in the Family Day.

You can

  • Join in the fun with your family on that day – Tickets are available from BL now.
  • Meet you friends for breakfast, lunch or tea!
  • Spread the news – Share the above poster and invite your friends!
  • Contribute a stall –  Application form from Buddhist Library
  • Contribute as
    a Volunteer for the day –
    Contact us for volunteers’ briefing.


So on Sunday 18th November 2012, see you all for Buddhist Library’s 30th Anniversary Family Day!
Make it a date!

Buddhist Library Family Day ~ Come Celebrate with Us!


The Buddhist Library Family Day is a celebration of the thriving Buddhist community that is learning the Dhamma and growing together in the Buddhist Library (BL).

A day of fun, food and togetherness, it is a time for everyone to come together to support the Noble and Worthy cause of Dhamma propagation initiated and led by Bhante B. Dhammaratana since 1984.

As a Buddhist resource centre, the Buddhist Library has a print collection of over 15 000 volumes, in English and Chinese. Working with a unique classification and cataloguing system, it aims to make the subject matter easily accessible both to the scholar and the novice. The centre offers a quiet premise for study and research while giving peace and tranquility to those who seek spiritual growth.

Presently, it has grown to become more than just a specialised library. It is also a place where all who are interested in Buddhist practice come to study, meditate, and learn to apply traditional Buddhist values to contemporary needs.

So come on down this Sunday to support this worthy cause with us! Come with your friends and family to enjoy the warm togetherness in the Dhamma that is uniquely BL.


20 November · 09:00 – 17:00
In front of Aljunied MRT, Singapore