Massive and Extremely Dangerous Earthquake in the Border Area in Between Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and China

When this news caught my eye, I thought I was misreading.  I was like, come on, disasters don’t happen so often.  I mean, they are not supposed to.  Right?

Well, wrong.

I’ll post back if there are relief efforts from Tzu Chi and how we can help.

Meanwhile, as you wind your day down, send metta and loving thoughts to our friends in these countries (seems like Myanmar could be harder hit?).  And if you are able to, send them monetary and material aids as well.

Sabbe satta sukita hontu!  -__-

Marine Life Protection? Anyone?

I was recently talking to a friend and she indicated that she is keen in volunteering to help out in Marine Life protection.  So I was wondering if anyone would know where she can volunteer in.  Kindly leave a note.

On a side note, for those of us who may not be ready to volunteer our time to save marine life, we can avoid harming them.  For a start, you may want to give up the rod and stop fishing or netting fishes, crabs etc.  I do agree that going out to the beach or sea is rather relaxing and calming, and I know of friends who join in such fishing trips, not really to fish, but for the company or just to enjoy the sea breeze.  However, one could still enjoy the sea breezes without leaving the hook out in the sea.  And if one really wants to feed the fishes, just bring along the appropriate feed and scatter them into the sea without the hook!  Trust me you, the fishes would appreciate it a lot better! 😉

OT: British History Timeline

OT stands for Off Topic, and in this series, we take a look at a BBC web site showing a very impressive view of the British History Timeline.

I’m not exactly a fan of BBC or the British folks, but hey, always good to have some general knowledge. Last I check, it’s good for small talk, party conversation and the Bodhisattva Path. ;)Enjoi!