Vote Wisely

Tomorrow, 10 July, is General Election day for Singapore.

For the past 10 days, there’s been numerous speeches made, articles rewritten, comments passed and opinions shared about candidates and parties (not the fun type!).

All these is to culminate in the vote tomorrow. Voting is compulsory, Voting is secret, Voting is sacred.

While tomorrow’s vote will determine the government composition for the next four to five years, everyone of us has a special vote to make as well.

No, not the presidential election. A different vote.

All these votes are for the most part for someone else, and sometimes the person you vote for may not turn out to be the one you think you voted for. There’s another person whom you can and should vote for:


Every night, we get to vote.

Don’t vote for the 
Angry You,
Resentful You,
Jealous You,
Greedy You,
Deluded You,
Unhappy You.

For tomorrow, vote for a 
Kinder You,
Loving You,
Compassionate You,
With more Wisdom,
A Happier You.

And don’t let others vote for you.

Cast the vote yourself.

Vote wisely.


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