What to do in a sinking ship?

Some people tell me about how the company they are in is going south, or worse yet, not going anywhere.  The seeming obvious decision is just to leave.

Others who are volunteering in societies or organisations sometimes feel that way too.  And all too often, they leave feeling lost, burnt out, or even betrayed.

So they leave, or jump ship.

The interesting thing is that the moment you jump ship, you can’t really change things anymore.  Sometimes you got to stay on the leaking, sinking ship to fix it.

Not all attempts to do so will grant us the final fruit of saving the ship’s demise.  But if we jump ship, then there’s no more hope for us to do so.

Other times, we may need to jump ship to get help to come back to repair the ship.  Or if the ship is beyond repair, to come back and help the others evacuate.

Knowing when to stay and when to leave takes wisdom.  Being safe from the sinking ship and still come back to help others, that takes compassion and lots of courage.

So what will you do in a sinking ship?