Just when will Singapore Go Solar?

Solar energy promises green energy that is as unlimited as the sun goes.  Is the technology sound enough for use in equatorial Singapore?

Germany broke world solar power generation record in July
with 5.1 TWh, leaving U.S. in dust

Germany’s not a very sunny place, yet yet it leads the world in solar power, showing that you don’t have to be in the middle of the Sahara desert to generate lots of clean power from the sun.

Treehugger reports that Germany has broken world records by producing 5.1 terawatt-hours in July 2013.

If Singapore start funding solar research or initiate solar deployments in new towns, how much of our energy consumption can go green in sunny Singapore?

Solar energy, anyone?



1 thought on “Just when will Singapore Go Solar?”

  1. Yes please, I’ve been saying for years that we are losing 12 hours of solar power every day. We are at the right place to reap all the benefits of 12 hour sunshine day! Is KMS thinking of going solar? With all the devotees going there all the time, I’m sure we can all come together to raise some funds and start from there?

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