FAQ: Eight Precepts


1) Drinks such as milo considered liquid is allowed after noon? What are the beverages allowable or only plain water allowed?

Milo while liquid is a food drink. It is allowed if one requires medication etc. Plain water and non food drinks are allowed, eg tea, coffee etc. In some traditions, coffee and tea are respectively forbidden for various reasons but not due to this rule.

Fruit juice without pulp is allowed. Avoid sweetened drinks as it causes the stomach to be more acidic.
Lime juice is excellent and surprisingly does not cause churning.

2) Wearing of watches considered jewellery ? If not wearing but putting in bag ok for reference of time?

Wearing of watches for time keeping is generally not an issue unless it is more ornamental in design. If one has a mobile phone, keep it in flight mode for retreats and you can use it as a time keeper.

3) Will watching of internet blogs or facebook considered breaching the Entertainment precept?

It depends on the nature of the articles or materials that one view. Many blogs are very informative and youtube has a huge selection of academic videos. If one is in a 8 precepts retreat, then one should refrain from all these altogether. But as a lay person observing the 8 precepts on various days in a month, it is ok to browse blogs and facebook for information etc.

4) Are general hotel or hostel single beds considered high beds?

Hotel beds are usually quite posh. Some would put the blankets on the floor to sleep. Hostel beds are usually quite spartan in design and so are mostly ok unless layers of mattresses, comforters and quilts are piled on with the air-con blasting … then it defeats the whole point! haha

5) Can face or body moisturers or lip gross or sunblock lotion be applied if it is non fragrant (no perfume)?

Moisturisers, lip balm and sun-block lotion are allowed as they serve to protect the body and not to embellish it. The mild fragrant some of these contain is not an issue as long as the purpose of application is not for relishing in such scent!

6) Any good weblink to reference to share with other friends who are also unsure of the 8 precepts adherence?

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  1. If one resolves to keep the precept about refraining from luxurious beds for the full moon day, does one normally sleep in the less luxurious bed on the night before the moon day, or after?

    1. As part of the eight precepts, all the precepts are observed starting from day break till the next day break. So one observes it on the night of the full moon day.

      e.g. Today is full moon day, so one observes the precept and abstain from high luxurious bed and chairs for one day and night, the night being tonight.
      Hope that clarifies.

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