2 thoughts on “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival”

  1. I was a kampong kid. i remember when during mdi-autumn festival, we would carry DIY lanterns made from MAID’S MILK empty tin. we would puncture many holes on the tin can, then place a lit candle inside from one of the open end of. the can. it was now lighted and held on by 2 strings and a bamboo stick which we cut from a nearby bamboo bush or any sticks would do as well. .at bnd wahlah! we got a DIY lantern that wouldn’t burn to ash like those plastic or paper ones.

    happily, we would gang up and go matching through the whole kampong. then when we saw dark clouds above about to hide the round shiny moon, many kids would gather all sorts of gadgets such as dustbins, dustpans, empty big tin containers such as KLIM milk powder.each would start banging and create alot of commotion.

    it was believed that such noise would scare and chase away the dark concealing clouds as our grandparents told us those dark clouds were actually the heavenly black dog which was out to devour the bright full moon.
    such as the simple joys of kampong kids……

    but now things have changed alot. it has evolved too rapid and the dark clouds are no longer in the sky. they are mostly now in our hearts devouring the brightness we once used to radiate. 🙁

    hence we need the drum which is the Buddha and the loud noise from the drum which is the Dharma to chase away the dark clouds that are concealing our radiance. once we accomplished that, the radiance of buddha-nature in us shall shine like a full unhindered moon 🙂

    1. +LIKE 🙂

      The days when blackouts were something we looked forward to and get a chance to play with … I mean light candles! 😉

      Well said on removing the dark clouds of defilements with the drum of Dharma! Sadhu! x 3 😀

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