My Wish For the World Is … …

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away … …

ok, maybe not so far away, but back when I was a lay person, I remember watching one of those Miss Universe pageant on the television.  I always thought it was super cliche when during the question section, the contestant would declare their wish for world peace.

Increasingly, I start to appreciate what peace, world peace is, when I see all the chaos happening in the world.

Did you know that there is a battle going on in Syria?

And Hurricane Sandy?

While here in Singapore, we experience the monsoons, our hearts go out to those who are made homeless and lost their love ones.

Let’s help them in whatever ways we can.

And in whatever beliefs you have, cultivate love.  Cultivate Love for all.  ~ Metta Sutta [1]


[1] – Metta

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